What is agarr.org Play?

Welcome to the limitless entertainment on the agarr.org which is one of the oldest Agario web sites.

Playing buttons are: “W”: throw single food, “E” multiple food, “CTRL and middle button of mouse”: multiple separate, “Space”: single separate, “Double clicking the mouse”: showing your place
If you want to overcome your competitors and see your name on the scoreboard which located at the left side, click the “share and save” button in the game which placed at the left section. And then, share your score on one of the appearing social medias. Then you will see yourself at the score board.

The most played games, Giant game modes, Expremental game mode, Classic Ffa and Rainbow game mode located in our web site. If you want to seem different in game, you can choose an avatar for yourself by clicking the “select skin” button. Finally, by clicking the “solo” button, you can play the "EatMe" mode which is very funny.


Agario Unblocked


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